You are a noble scion of House Daervhaal, the fifteenth house of X’henvir. Once allies with House Venlyral, a recent power play by Maladryn, the first house of X’henvir has dissolved this alliance. Now, Daervhaal’s mortal enemy the sixteenth ranked House Evlaren breaths down Daervhaal’s neck. Your Matron, Greyanna Daervhaal has called for solidarity within the house, with infighting being met with the harshest punishment and no advancement in rank. Evlaren is a mercantile power within the city and has seen its fortunes and thus its power rise drastically in recent years. With its forces far outstripping Daervhaal’s only your house’s alliance with Venlyral had held Evlaren in check. As a noble of Daervhaal, you must be slain for Evlaren to completely destroy your house and move upward in rank. Will you bolster House Daervhaal with your prowess or fail it and lead it to its, and thus your, doom?

X'henvir - The City of Dreams

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