X'henvir - The City of Dreams

Deianaera's Journal (11)

New Friends

I think this is the first time I have seen a dragon. It was… smaller than I imagined. I suppose dragons need to grow up just as us drow do, it was just odd seeing it. We fought, all of us that is – I certainly did not kill the dragon by myself… but I am getting ahead again. We battled the dragon and I seemed to take the brunt of its melee attacks while dear pyromaniac sister and her twin along with Ryltranzar took the effects of its breath weapon. Being bitten by a dragon is not unlike being bitten by a lizardman I suppose. I ended the battle decisively, cleanly decapitating the copper beast – I think it looked shocked that it’s head was separated from it’s body.

The looting began in earnest: wings, scales, blood, eyes… you’d think we were in a butcher’s shop. When that was handled Veleethri decided to make her entrance, it seems she got bored of her dream state. She informed us that the next room was to be more difficult and that we needed to be at our best and she needed to go ahead of us to prepare… as what we were facing was too much for us to handle. If one keeps a copper dragon like a hound, then I tend to agree, something more powerful must be ahead.

Once Veleethri departed, Ryltranzar thought it would be an appropriate time to insinuate an insult to Phaere… not the wisest of moves. I contained the situation as best as possible, but Ryltranzar got his whipping. Its infuriating… I need my so-called siblings alive – at least for now…

We rested in some sort of pocket dimension: a rope trick. Once we were rested, we proceeded to the next area. This time the area was not empty. Our goal was in sight, the magical pool… along with a quartet of druids keeping Veleethri imprisoned in what seemed to me some sort of magic circle. We were unnoticed, so we sneaked in further, taking up positions as we best thought. Sephir and Crayz would disrupt the circle and then we would pounce. While they slowly moved into position the rest of us took in the lay of the area, noticing some sort of creature at the far end, a big creature. I stared at it, something was coming back to me from my early days, something the priestess said rather than taught. With a flood of memories I knew what I saw and yet I didn’t.

What was at the end of the room was a god.

How did I know? I knew. I suppose this is the difference between being smart and being wise: what ever my wisdom was telling me was that it was Sylvanus manifested on this plane and my intelligence was telling me to get the 666 abysses out of here.

Veleethri looked bored, I think she actually was grooming her nails, but perhaps I was just seeing things. Sephir broke the circle, and then an explosion of air knocked the druids, Crayz and Sephir back several feet. The Avatar of Sylvanus started to stir. Veleethri shot up skywards, tackling a druid, that we had obviously overlooked, and then dragging him towards the wooden dragon through the air. She created a portal to the shadow realms and dragged them both through it. We killed the druids in short order.

This left us time to inspect the pool. Some initial analysis lead us to believe that it was the pool. And by us, I mean the finger-waggly types of arcane knowledge. Further analysis disproved that and that the pool was actually a portal. A one-way portal. Seeing as we didn’t want to wait around in the area for the god to return… we decided to take a plunge.

With the popping of ears and wet clothing we arrived in a cave. Cooler… was that a breeze? And pale light from a shaft… the moon. We were on the surface again. While the others discussed and analyzed I took a moment to sit and gaze up the shaft to the moon and the stars. Once it was decided that this was the pool and that we needed to undo the consecration and defile it… only we seemed to be lacking a living sacrifice at the moment.

As if on cue, Veleethri arrived from her plane of shadow and deposited the druid she had tackled in front of us… still alive. She looked a bit worse for wear, tangling with an avatar of a god seems to have taken its toll… barely. I need to re-examine this Veleethri, perhaps a closer watch should be kept on her…

Phaera managed to complete the sacrificial ceremony, although I had to correct her several times so she wouldn’t botch it. Lolth would not be pleased. The pool was defiled and we needed to go. The shaft in the ceiling of the cave as the only exit, so with some levitation and some flight for some others we exited the cave to the surface. The celestial tapestry in the sky was still there, we were not any where near the place we were before – no, I did no read the stars for that, the trees were completely different and it was colder. An arrow thudded into a tree, inches from Phaere’s head – I’m not sure whether that is a blessing or a curse.

A moon elf appeared from the shadows of the trees to… greet us. There were others hiding in the shadows still, with bows trained on us certainly. This elf called himself Antharis Slamari, and if the stories were true, he was a companion, or at least an adventuring partner of Szordrin Xorlarrin. Most interesting. We, appearantly, would all be dead by now had we not been in the presence of Veleethri. Regardless, he has sworn to kill us for defiling the Pool of Ferdaul. I suppose we cannot win them all.

With that pleasantry aside, we prepared to leave through another rift into the plane of shadow. Only Veleethri said we needed to wait until we were marked. While we waited and attempted to determine how we were supposed to be marked… a creature of immense power found us… and breathed on us… and we quickly departed back to the underdark.



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