X'henvir - The City of Dreams

Deianaera's Journal (12)

Monsters Among the Masses

I know, it is an odd title for this entry. I am sitting here contemplating it, trying to make sense of things now that I am a Monster. Oh, I wasn’t transformed into one, I suppose I have been a monster all along, only I did not know this fact. But I suppose that really is not the case is it? I always was a monster, I am a Drow after all, what ever revelations occurred to call myself a monster are rather mute when one thinks about that. Yes I am a monster, albeit more of the prettier variety. What I really am, is still rather shrouded in mystery, but I am being told I am getting ahead of myself or so the incessant annoying voice in my head is telling me. Despite its annoying qualities it is correct.

We left off with a frightful teleport back to the Underdark, fleeing the Avatar of Sylvanus on the surface. At this point, we discussed the ways on which we could subdue the Illithid; which we decided on drugging it with some sleep poison mixed with our city’s fine mushrooms. It would certainly give the mindflayer an interesting trip. During our preparations, Veleethri referred to us as “children of shadow” on at least two occasions. I found this revelation rather disturbing: if our father was somehow a shadow denizen… what would that make us? Are we part of the shadow realm or just infused with it? The thought process of this was bound to lead in annoying logic and I could already start to feel the headache’s arrival. I tried to push it from my mind and concentrate more on the present as we were about to head into battle.

Showtime was when Veleethri decided that we should meet the mindflayer where it was rather than wait for it to come to us… I suppose we had a quorum since the Illithid had stopped and was no longer trying to reach us. When we teleported to the lowerdark and the mindflayer, Veleethri kindly informed us that she would again be absent due to the presence of the Avatar of Sylvanus also arriving at our location. To be honest, I would rather have Veleethri deal with that wooden dragon than us. with some ominous words of our demise coming from the “mouth” (do they even have mouths?) of the illithid which then decided to just project the communication into our minds…

The illithid was on a platform that could only be reached by running some two hundred feet or flying over the magma to it. Surprisingly, Sephir decided to simply teleport behind the Illithid and stab it. Crayz not willing to pass up an opportunity, also shot it with a bolt. With a terrified and horrific scream – mentally and audibly – the Illithid crumpled to the ground in the worst acid-sleepy trip of its life… probably also it’s first time experimenting with drugs.

While I trussed up the package to get home, the others decided to mess with things that they shouldn’t have. As if we didn’t have enough problems with wells of water, they decided to open something… and out popped an Illithid that really wanted to claim his brother and eat us. Not really part of the deal, so we eventually told it to get lost. While this was happening I discovered, or perhaps felt, the weakening of the fabric of reality around me… us. The boundary between the Plane of Shadow and the Prime Material Plane was really weak here. I tried to poke at it, but without any training or knowledge, I did not get far – but Pal’Entyr did once I told him about it.

This is when we began to piece together things, Sephir’s teleport was some kind of shadow teleport and after some prodding and threatening stares, Sephir told us that there was a voice in her head that told her how to do it. I truly hope I had not lost another sister to insanity.

While we tried to figure out what to do, something coughed behind us… rather behind our heads… minds. Whatever it was, was either part of us, or around us. Regardless this impish presence was somewhat pleased about our “awakening”. This was the voice that Sephir was talking about. The voice that is now also in my head – until I learn how to mute it that is.

While Pal’Entyr tried to negotiate with the shadow imp in our heads, I had to remind him that shadow imps would eat us if they could. Our negotiations were finally brought to a halt when a portal opened and our long lost guide appeared. No, not Veleethri, but Gyi’drak. And new negotiations began: about favours this time. Obviously not content with the pace of the negotiations, Gyi’draks boss decided to make an appearance to help speed things along. We had to spend more effort to convince Crayz and even more effort to stop Phaere from incinerating Tarlyn (and us) in a mass of fireballs.

Finally home, only to have mother come greet us at the gates. Odd, but I suppose her love for us is that grand. Try not to choke on the sarcasm there. With some pleasantries and notifications about the Orcus cult or kobolds so close to us and our tea ceremony with Antharis Slamari.

Party in our honor (again). This time, I will have a drink or five…



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