X'henvir - The City of Dreams

Deianaera's Journal (13)

Into Deeper Darkness

Into the Deeper Darkness
The party was good, at least I think it was good. Mr. Imp, and sometimes Mr. Deep-Throat, that mysterious voice in my head, said things much along the same lines. Veleethri would have enjoyed it I think. I spent many an hour there, partaking in festivities and frivolities to get my mind off the things we have learned recently. An interesting fact that I discovered was that Mr. Imp wasn’t nearly as talkative the more inebriated I was – something I took note of. And something Mr. Imp is telling me I should not be taking note of.

I took a break from the party to get some sleep (these parties tend to last two days, sometimes more), and returned to the party at it’s end as that is when the fun stuff tends to happen. Our party’s finale was none other than Veleethri tearing a hole through reality to appear near death, bleeding shadowy blood, and literally smoking. I do not think I have ever seen her disheveled. And something Mr. Imp says I shouldn’t bring up to her in the future. I attempted to cure her… but it seems it needed the reverse, would have been helpful to know this before hand, but at least I know this now for the future. She took her leave of us and the party shortly after her appearance with the ominous warning that we should begin our preparations and plans for our side of the bargain. Drow party finales were always great.

The next morning, as we all gathered up for breakfast and to begin our plans for obtain the star gem, we received an interesting visitor. It seems the consort of House Evlaren was paying us a visit – us in us, not House Daervhaal… There was a lot of talking and diplomacy things going on, and even Mr. Imp says I’m right not to dwell on it, but the gist of it is that Shelria was quite concerned about her lover Giyali (House Evlaren’s matron mother), so concerned in fact that she was sure that we had information about her lover and our mother that we would be willing to share in order for her to get to the bottom of things. We agreed to a ten year truce in exchange for knowledge: we learned of a font of Shar under the grand temple and Shelria learned many things that I bet she didn’t want to learn.

More intriguing was the fact that Veleethri made her presence known, introduced herself and after Shelria had left, had a frank chat with us about our heritage and Shar. Some very scary thinks about Shar and us. I think even Mr. Imp was a bit rattled, although he vehemently denies it.

As if we hadn’t enough to deal with… the horns of the house began to sounds and we could hear the horns of the city sounding. We’ve all be called to arms…



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