X'henvir - The City of Dreams

Deianaera's Journal (19)

Shadows in the Light

We were paid a visit by Merkaile, Keeper of the Soulreaper, Son of Graz’zt… His appearance definitely had an effect on Phaere, she was practically drooling. He informed us that the proverbial faecal matter was about to hit the rotatory oscillator. What ever that means. He was also so kind to inform us that our mother, the Matron of House Daervhaal was in bed with Giyali, the Matron of House Evlaren. Before we could act on it, something strange happened, a booming voice over the city, declaring itself Vhaeraun the son of Lolth and that he had mommy issues and was addressing it… by blowing up the Temple of Lolth and claiming the city for himself. This was going to be an interesting day.

As the house moved into action, I donned my armor and then made for the temple to see what was happening. The temple was gone, blown up not by fire it seems, but by shadow. The font under the temple was revealed and also now extinguished. My retinue and I investigated what we could, took notice that the north and south sides of the city were in conflict and open warfare. Shar’s forces were banging on the North Gate, and House Lanlaer put up a shadow barrier to protect the gate, their compound and the city itself from them. I’m sure the entire city was flabbergasted at the actions, everyone so sure that Lanlaer would turn on Lolth and join the Sharites or the Vhaeraunites. Once House Maladryn’s troops entered the fray I also joined in with them to put down the rebellion. Damn the Vhaeraunite Thin Blades and their psychotic leader.

Order was restored to the north side of the city but the south was still in chaos, with the forces of Shar battling the forces of Vhaeraun. We could see that the location of Chardath was protected by some kind of power dome, and fireballs were flying from the area into anyone daring to approach his shop. The same dome was seen in the area of our librarian friend as well, without the pyrotechnics though. Tarlyn made some pathetic speech about drow having free will and then disappeared. Coward. One might even pity the Thin Blades trapped on the north side of the city… not that any drow would. The North side of the city was contained and the noble houses victorious, but at a cost. The South was lost, but no one else had risen up to control it, it was still being contested by the powers of shadow. With all the crops essentially destroyed by the fighting and the fires, food was going to be the cities primary concern very shortly.

Once some order was maintain I returned to my House only find that my eldest sister was assassinated by Sephir and that Mother and Giyali had fled… again. It seems Phaere was now in charge of the house, being made Matron. Should be interesting. We plotted and discussed what we needed to do to elevate us even further. The ruling houses made some decisions at this point, elevating some houses in the aftermath. Our own house was placed in the the thirteenth location, and my actions of taking charge after the chaos of the temple being destroyed was noticed by House Maladryn. I was promoted to Deputy Inquisitor, second only to the High Inquisitor herself.



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