X'henvir - The City of Dreams

Sephir's private Journal

Sometimes I wonder if Mother slept with an Orc. A Drunken bully and a Dull-witted priestess… It had to be an Orc. Despite Mother’s ban against familial murders one or both of them may well need to have a fatal ‘accident’ if the house is to be saved.

I’m not sure if Phaere is ready to become first daughter, she seems too self-absorbed and has been catered to far too much but Pal’ manipulates her well enough. I don’t think I’ll have to take a hand at least not yet. It’s amusing the way they all look down on me if they consider me at all. They all think I’m a waste, a worthless child. That’s fine. Let them think that, It just gives me more power.

I wonder what Mother paid to get the lieutenant of the Thin Blades as our guide? The Thin Blade’s leader took notice of me and Cray’z, did mother pay them with us? Unlikely. We’re her most important children; the ones that can do what must be done without risk to the house. Although being in the Thin Blades would permit a chance to gain influence with the largest army in the city.

I’m curious about this Copper elf paladin. I hope I’ll get the chance to scout out the settlement. The Encounter with the Mind Flayer was disconcerting at best. I do hope we do not run into him again. His minions however did give me the chance to see my siblings in action. Impressive though again Phaere seemed more focused on how much fun she could have rather than defeating our enemies… Seeing her suspended in the webbing was funny. I am looking forward to being on the surface. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to show my siblings some of my abilities.

Creation of your character

So, as mentioned on the front page, your character will be a noble of House Daervhaal. Your character will be 4th level and have graduated from the Academy recently and just returned to your house for good or ill. Think about the character you want to play and where you will fit in within the house. Amongst females being anything other than a priestess of Lloth is highly looked down upon. Amongst males the wizards and warriors are the rockstars. Rogue types are quite useful but are more akin to the drummer than the lead singer.

X’henvir lays within the Forgotten Realms and so anything that goes there, goes here. I would prefer the classes chosen make sense for a drow, of course. I can be convinced that something does make sense. I’ve never DMed Pathfinder before so go easy on me with the builds of power.

You’re drow nobles who survived growing up so you aren’t too shabby on the power side. I’m going to copy a friend’s 3.5ish stat system for higher powered campaigns and hope it works out. You have 85 points to spend. A point per stat. Yes, that’s a little over an average of 14.

Don’t worry about gear. Your family will provide.

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