X'henvir - The City of Dreams

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Creation of your character

So, as mentioned on the front page, your character will be a noble of House Daervhaal. Your character will be 4th level and have graduated from the Academy recently and just returned to your house for good or ill. Think about the character you want to play and where you will fit in within the house. Amongst females being anything other than a priestess of Lloth is highly looked down upon. Amongst males the wizards and warriors are the rockstars. Rogue types are quite useful but are more akin to the drummer than the lead singer.

X’henvir lays within the Forgotten Realms and so anything that goes there, goes here. I would prefer the classes chosen make sense for a drow, of course. I can be convinced that something does make sense. I’ve never DMed Pathfinder before so go easy on me with the builds of power.

You’re drow nobles who survived growing up so you aren’t too shabby on the power side. I’m going to copy a friend’s 3.5ish stat system for higher powered campaigns and hope it works out. You have 85 points to spend. A point per stat. Yes, that’s a little over an average of 14.

Don’t worry about gear. Your family will provide.

Sephir's private Journal

Sometimes I wonder if Mother slept with an Orc. A Drunken bully and a Dull-witted priestess… It had to be an Orc. Despite Mother’s ban against familial murders one or both of them may well need to have a fatal ‘accident’ if the house is to be saved.

I’m not sure if Phaere is ready to become first daughter, she seems too self-absorbed and has been catered to far too much but Pal’ manipulates her well enough. I don’t think I’ll have to take a hand at least not yet. It’s amusing the way they all look down on me if they consider me at all. They all think I’m a waste, a worthless child. That’s fine. Let them think that, It just gives me more power.

I wonder what Mother paid to get the lieutenant of the Thin Blades as our guide? The Thin Blade’s leader took notice of me and Cray’z, did mother pay them with us? Unlikely. We’re her most important children; the ones that can do what must be done without risk to the house. Although being in the Thin Blades would permit a chance to gain influence with the largest army in the city.

I’m curious about this Copper elf paladin. I hope I’ll get the chance to scout out the settlement. The Encounter with the Mind Flayer was disconcerting at best. I do hope we do not run into him again. His minions however did give me the chance to see my siblings in action. Impressive though again Phaere seemed more focused on how much fun she could have rather than defeating our enemies… Seeing her suspended in the webbing was funny. I am looking forward to being on the surface. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to show my siblings some of my abilities.

Thoughts and Formulations
Third Son

Time can be cruel. The first daughter and first son obviously are a test to our family by Lloth. There is no other reason for such fools to have been born to such high stations. My dear brother is a drunkard who shames the family’s name. And my sister? She is a pathetic, weakling who’s bite is not as bad as she pretends it to be. Why the Matron has not dealt with their weaknesses and tested them as she has her younger children, I do not know.

This Great Hunt, however, seems to have been called at a very interesting time. The Matron has managed to secure the leader of the Hunt, Gyi’drak, as our personal guide. Already two of my sisters have their eyes upon him….why I cannot fathom. Though the Thin Blade have a certain reputation, they are not the quality males needed to further the House’s future. Hopefully Pal’ can keep Phaere…occupied in the meantime. No doubt, she will be the focus for any attack by the other houses. I must keep an eye upon her…but not too close an eye. Where Phaere is weak, the third daughter is stronger. Her eye is keen and her wit quick. One who crosses her will sign their own death warrant. It is she I must be careful around. If she and Pal’ were to conspire together…no House would be able to stand next to ours.

Sephir….she is careless with her words. She should watch what words escape as carefully as she guards her footsteps. The fool nearly swore that no harm would come to Phaere. If she fails to protect her, it will be the end of her. As for my other siblings, I am uncertain their role in this Hunt. Time will tell if they have enough wits to stay alive. As always, I watch…and plan…

The Hunt begins much as one might expect. The masses come to see us off as dutiful members of the House and slaves. The other Houses have shown their strength in sending their noble children into battle. There is no doubt trickery will be afoot. Already the evaluating has begun, the sizing up of the strength of the competition.

To Gyi’s credit, he does show patience with my siblings though I can tell he has some distaste toward us…or perhaps it is any nobility. Crayz attempts to lead the way through the tunnels but has some trouble doing so. Instead of berrating him, Gyi carefully points things out and offers help and advice. Mother must have paid him very handsomely…or perhaps promised him something….if so, what?

As we pass, we come upon a strange mind flayer, who speaks a tongue I hace only heard upon our enemy, the surface elves. It is an ambush! Luckily my siblings are quick to respond and squash the pathetic attempt with relative ease. No doubt, he will appear again…

Before we camp for the night, Gyi goes on to explain what we will find in the Wood Elf town. Apparently there is rumors of a Cooper elf paladin…a scouting mistake most likely. The Copper elves have no such devout among them. Still, with the strange things that have been happening around us, it may be true. The one who can down the leader of these Copper elves will be rewarded greatly. Our House must succeed.

The Rise of a House

For so long Matron has expanded our house allowed the wretched of us to escape the embrace of Lolth; blasphemous.

Still here is where we find ourselves, drudging our way to the surface on some ridiculous quest to “prove our House”… to whom? The other houses,.. WAELA! These are the moments when those s’lurppuks should be hit the hardest and removed from our great city.

But, my sister knows best, she follows our Great Matron, Elamshin, and I will follow her.

She will take me, one day, I know. But it is my place; until then I empower her to enact Lolths will; so she can find a place as the Matron of our great House.

Phaere's Thoughts

They’re all going to die, they’re all going to die. Not dear Brother, no, not dear brother.

I want to play with their heads or maybe their intestines.

I was blessed with a weapon. I love my weapon.

Perhaps I will have Brother sing to me again.

A hunt, a great hunt. I hear her voice and she says great things are ahead. I’m excited.

To the Surface
The Matron mother told us tonight that, tomorrow, we leave for the surface on a “hunt”. Perhaps, I’m different from the rest of my people, I don’t know, but my desire for position…I fear, is next to non-existent. I just want to kill. To feel the life slip from a person’s body, as their blood flows over the hilt of my daggers and the warmth of it touches my skin. I crave that warmth, but I’m also disgusted by it. Disgusted by being touched by the blood of inferior races, but the pleasure of it…the shear pleasure of it! It invigorates me! Makes me feel alive…Tomorrow…death goes to the surface and they will know true fear and pain. My brothers and sisters maneuver for a higher position, and here I am, happy as an Illithid feeding on a wizard’s brains, just to have the opportunity to kill, openly.
Sephir's Private Journal #2

This Mind Flayer is becoming troublesome. His mind-controlled minions are diverse, clearly taken from whomever he can find and always a fellow druid, this one got away. I hope we can make the surface before he can gather his next group of ‘volunteers’.

While this has the feel of a ‘canned hunt’ I hope I can get a chance to recon the surface. I’ve been practicing and planning for this day for years. Attacking at night may well foul some of my preparations it won’t ruin them entirely. I can always hope.

The idea that the dead gods of Lloth might be returning is… interesting. Perhaps it will draw her attentions away from the city… Heh.

Ryl and Phaere took the brunt of the attacks this time, I do wish she wouldn’t run into battle that way, Perhaps she’ll get the idea now… Most likely not knowing her. Both she and Pal suffer from ivory tower syndrome… What works on paper never works the way you think it should in practice and both need more real world experience. I hope they don’t force me to tie them up and shove them into a sack to keep my promise to mother. Ah well I’ve not played my hand too much for either of them to realize my talents so all is well. Maybe we’ll see stars tomorrow.

Deianaera's Journal (1&2)

A journal… not something I would have seen as a gift from the matron. Perhaps she is trying to hint at something? Very well, I would hate to disappoint mother. To any Drow that finds this, may you enjoy its contents before Lolth consumes you in a fiery painful death, to anyone else… who am I kidding, as if anyone else would be able to decipher the encrypted script.

We were called to a nobles meeting, not something unusual, but something unusual for the timing. We were told that our house would be participating in a grand hunt with the other lower ranked houses. The Matron Mother gifted us with equipment suitable to our station and for the endeavor we were to face ahead. The opportunity to strike at the other houses would be available, assuming that we could arrange it to appear as accidents…

The day started off as one would expect, last minute preparations along with inane banter and appraisals of the group. We looked… adequate for the task. Assuming that our dear eldest sister did not suddenly receive some epiphany that causes us to jump into an abyssal chasm, we might just all survive this.

I am not sure which one of us is cursed, but we had the misfortune of meeting an Illithid today, a very strange one indeed. I have never heard of a mind flayer wearing a symbol belonging to a surface deity… let alone a benevolent surface deity. Regardless, his salutations were a posse of violent elves and half breed elves. There were ineffective to say the least. I do not know what I found more disturbing, the fact that the mind flayer sunk into the earth with an ominous “I’ll be back” as a farewell or the enthusiastic zeal our brothers found in looting the corpses.

Another day, another opportunity for whichever sibling is cursed to shine. The mind flayer found a posse of deep dwarves this time, and actually employed tactics: waiting to ambush us during a sleep cycle. This time they were more effective and I was less. It seems Lolth was not impressed with my abilities and wished me to fare on my own. I failed to make contact with my opponents and nearly lost my sword once… that which cannot be named whispered into my ear again, warning me of a pathetic failure that was to come. This let me survive the encounter…

After we defeated the mind flayer’s posse, another house made it’s appearance. Better late than never? the traitorous fools thought to let us die before trying to save us? If only they would come a bit closer so I could get my hands on them, but alas that was not to be the case as the mind flayer appeared at the apex of the cavern, hovering in mid-air, I could only assume that it was trying to impress us. It did. It caused an earthquake of some proportions, causing the collapses in the cavern. We were saved by our guide employing some device of high magic. I’m not sure what annoyed me more, the fact that we were rescued by our guide or the fact that the mind flayer caused the other house’s members to fall to their deaths into a chasm denying me my opportunity to flay them alive.

After everything had settled, we divvied the loot the brothers had obtained from the prolific and enthusiastic corpse looting. As one of the eldest, I of course got to select my choice, a quaint ring of elvish design that offered some magic protection.

Thoughts and Formulations Part 2
Revenge Tastes of Blood

Two days….two long days have passed since we left home and started the trek to this Hunt. Hunt…it seems it is not us that are the hunters but the prey instead. But I will get to that later.

Our guide, the one two of my sisters lust over, has informed us that all houses will be attacking the tree-bound village of these Copper fiends after we have set fire to the base of the trees. It is a good strategy, yet one that is also predictable. When asked why we were not included in the plannings, my question was brushed aside as if it were common knowledge. Apparently it is not our strategic knowledge but our prowess that is being tested. We shall see how it goes when the time comes. Never underestimate the enemy, no matter how primal they may seem. The will to survive is strong in every living creature.

We stop at some duergar ruins along the way to make our camp for the night. It is here that the strangeness surrounding the hunt intensified. A strange priest wearing an unfamiliar emblem appeared and surprised Gyi. There is much we do not know of our guide…why he knows of heretics for one. He informs Gyi that the Children of Lloth are back. Such information seems to intrigue my second sister while disturbing Gyi. No matter how unsettled he is by this appearance of the priest, he seems to believe him, as crazy as his warning seems. Without answering more of our questions, he urges us to rest up.

Crayz decides to take first watch and awakens us when he hears signs of an ambush. It’s duergar! Wiping the sleep from my eyes I rush to the side of Phaere and hurl a flaming sphere toward one of the dark dwarves. Our would be ambushers’ leader calls out to his men in some strange language as my other siblings take up their places, flanking all sides of the ruins to meet our attackers. A druid among them entangles us with foul, trapping some of my brethern. No matter how I try to free myself, I am unable to do so. Still, no one will harm the Oracle if I can stop it. Though my arms and legs are tangled, I have full control over my sphere of burning hell.

Working together, we manage to take out all of our attackers except for the druid. He shifts into a bird and flies away like the coward he was. As we pulled each other from the entangling roots a call comes to us from across the chasm. Gyi must have communicated with another house to come to our aid. Of course their response is far too late. And then it happened…again.

clenches fist Once again the lithid Mindflayer shows his face. Our would be rescuers attempt to shoot the Mindflayer down as he hovers above us but with no success. The very ground beneath our feet begins to shake, much like the tremors we have been experiencing back home. He’s trying to bring down the cavern upon us!!! Large rocks fall and the ground beneath the other house collapses, sending them all to their death. Gyi manages to erect a shield around us, keeping us safe as the lithid howls in anger. Our guide tries to take the Mindflayer out but is unable to do so before he once more melds into the stone again. He warns us that he will return. I welcome it. I will do everything in my power to bring this Mindflayer down and skin the flesh off him while he breathes his last for all he has put us through. He will wish for death before it is over.


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