Areas of X'henvir

The great cavern of X’henvir spans around five miles from north to south and ten miles from east to west and is split in the middle by the El’Shrak River.

Vendohl and more mundane mushroom fields line the river. Polluting the river is met with a painful death at the hands of House Maershal or any other family that catches the offender.

X’henvir is very much a three dimensional city with many residences being carved from stalagmites or being dug from the very walls of the cavern of the city. Ordinances require inspections when digging to ensure the structural integrity of the X’henvir cavern is being maintained.

The following poor map should help:

The Alcove of Learning – This is the far northeast chamber of the cavern of X’henvir. It holds the Academy of Lloth and the Martial Academy as well as the hidden House Shaerlyn compound. It’s “entrance” is guarded by the House Delryn compound.

Council Entrance – This is just west of the Alcove of learning and is a smaller entrance into the cavern of X’henvir. Only the ruling council families are allowed to use this entrance. The way is bisected by the House Lanlaer compound.

Radiation Fields – Moving west again is another alcove which houses the strongest radiation fields within the cavern and are used for magical experimentation and item crafting. It holds the Arcane Academy at its northmost reach and the impressive House Baerzhol compound as well as House Shykrin compound. The Council Chambers where the ruling council meets is at the southern entrance of this alcove.

House Maladryn Alcove – The penultimate house of the city claims one of the northern alcoves for its own. Here lays many guard and obserservation towers as well as the Maladryn vendohl fields. The compound proper rests in the north area of the alcove and is walled off with a deadly wall of crystal web lattice. House Maershal’s compound is south of this alcove along the river El’shrak amongst the vendohl fields.

High Ward – This is the north west alcove of X’henvir and the largest by at least twice any of the others. Here rest all the compounds of the noble families not on the ruling council. Some say it is the most volatile and dangerous of the areas of the cities as each family vies for more room and digging rights within the cavern walls of X’henvir.

The Grand Temple – The single largest structure in the cavern of X’henvir is devoted entirely to Lloth. It rests on an island in the center of the cavern on the El’shrak River. Bridges lead to the northern and southern alcoves of the city.

The Commons – This is the area where commoners work, play and live for the most part. They often work for the merchants of the next ward over or tend to the vendohl fields. Some that do not live within the noble compounds work for noble families in some minor capacity. Not being privy to the stress relieving games of the noble families this area can be quite dangerous for non-drow who wander within.

The Mercantile District – This alcove is the second largest of the city and houses most of the tradesdrow and merchants of the city. It is also the area where visitors are generally restricted to. It’s a hive of wandering tents mixed with more permanent structures where anything and everything is for sale. It pays well to be well guarded and prepared for anything in this area. Those able to hold their own will find that goods from around the world are at their hands.

An ofset of the District lays in a smaller subsection of this area and is called the High Bazaar. It stands apart from the chaos of the rest of the district and is comprised of permanent structures. It is here where some of the finest non-noble crafters ply their trade and offer up goods for sale. If one seeks high quality and one has the “coin” then this is where one looks. That isn’t to say you cannot find items of the highest quality elsewhere, it’s just a bit harder to sift through everything else as well.

The south entrance to the cavern of X’henvir leads away from this district.

The Warren – This southeast cavern of the city is home to the non-drow of the city and the vast majority are slaves in some shape or fashion. They are bordered to the north by the grazing fields where the livestock are kept. Magical winds along the El’shrak river keep the stench from drifting north across the river and into the Alcove of Learning. While generally the rest of the city is clean and well kept this place is a hive of filth and misery. Goblinoid races are most prevalent but one can find all strange manner of beings within this chaotic morass of unwashed bodies.

Areas of X'henvir

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