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X’henvir, known to the drow as The City of Dreams, is built around a specific species of mushroom known as vendohl. Vendohl is a mutation that is the result of the strange radiation fields that permeate the cavern holding X’henvir. Only growing in this cavern, the mushroom is a psychedelic and elicits waking dreams and possesses magic properties and many other uses. As a result X’henvir does extensive trade throughout the underdark and is enriched by the highly coveted mushroom.

Due to the nature of this mushroom and how badly many within the underdark and surface crave it X’henvir has had to muster its strength against outside aggression and while the normal infighting of the drow is very present, there is a larger drive for solidarity and strength.

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X’henvir is an oddity amongst drow cities in that it has been built around preserving its status from outside attack. Each of the eight ruling council families are charged with one particular area of administration. The Ruling Council members all agree to a system of checks, balances and audits to ensure that no advantage is gained by the control of the particular area. They all understand that to tip the balance too much could result in the doom of X’henvir. This does not stop a family from dabbling or increasing its knowledge in another family’s area of expertise. Indeed, House Maladryn is said to outstrip each of the lower families in their area.

As a result the infighting within families tends to be stronger as the drow nature takes its toll. The Ruling Families also tend to fight each other using the lesser families as proxy. They enjoy watching the lower ranking families fight amongst themselves.

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