Noble Families of X'henvir

1st House – Maladryn – This House founded X’henvir with the discovery of vendohl and has ruled since the inception of the city. The matron of House Maladryn is the eldest of a pair of twins Vielya Maladryn. Ruling with an iron fist and dedicated to Lloth’s will Vielya is wholly dedicated to her house and her city.

Vielya’s long time patron is Vhertuul a powerful wizard who’s keen business mind has made him almost indispensable and house Maladryn disgustingly rich.

House Maladryn’s compound is by far the most impressive and immense within the city, taking up the entirety of the enormous north alcove within the X’henvir caverns. It also maintains its own vendohl fields which are guarded with extreme zeal.

The 1st house maintains appears to maintain supremacy in all matters. Whether it is true or through illusion, rumor and propaganda is unknown to anyone by Vielya.

2nd House – Shaerlyn – Due to the stronger need than typical for defense an unusual system was created to bolster X’henvir. Typically the second house of the city is that which, other than Maladryn, proves most devout to Lloth. They are charged with enacting the will of the dark goddess within the city and running its Cathedral and Academy of Priestesses.

House Shaerlyn’s compound lays behind the Academy of Priestesses and few are those that know what lays behind the gates leading into its compound.

3rd House – Delryn – House Delryn is much like Shaerlyn, only it is the martial might of the city of X’henvir. It is charged with safeguarding the city from outsiders and guarding its gates. It is also charged with running the Martial Academy. As with Shaerlyn a system of checks, balances and audits is carried out by the Ruling Council to prevent abuse of this sacred charge.

4th House – Baerzhol – Much like the two houses above Baerzhol in rank, this house holds the foremost practitioners of the arcane within X’henvir. Their compound has been magically created into the rock of the caverns of X’henvir and is a marvel of the magical arts. They run the Arcane Academy and safeguard some of the strongest radiation fields within the cavern.

5th House – Lanlaer – House Lanlaer is an enigma within X’henvir. Not known to be particularly devout they get by through sheer might. They are also known as the Wardens of Shadow and hold a strangely large number of shadow pact warlocks within the city. They are also tolerated due to their compound being the first line of defense to the well guarded eastern entrance into the city, which only Council Nobility is allowed to use.

6th House – Maershal – Aside from House Maladryn there are no other houses that know more about tending and growing vendohl within the city. Their sacred charge is to lead the cultivation of the lifeblood of the city and ensure the health of the mushroom crop. While all families are expected to aid in the effort they control the logistics of the operation. They also are the city’s leading producer of food products.

7th House – Shykrin – Sharing the caverns with House Baerzhol and their close allies House Shykrin are the foremost craftswomen in the city. Their house with the possible exception of Maladryn holds more master craftswomen than any other, and is charged with the logistics of all trade and merchants going in and out of the city.

8th House – Duvaal – The final house on the ruling council is one of its most secretive. They hold the foremost spies and assassins within the city and are charged with gathering intelligence for the Ruling Council to safeguard the city. It is said that almost nothing escapes their attention.

9 – Jhalavar

10 – Glannath

11 – Xarann

12th House – Venlyral – Due to the almost inviolate nature of the Eight Ruling Houses and their ironclad hold on their ranks the higher houses play their games amongst the lower. House Venlyral was until recently the 15th House of the city and was jumped up in rank due to the utter destruction of the previous 12th House. Vielya Maladryn’s identical twin sister Yevlanna took control of the house and took it’s first son as her patron.

Yevlanna and Vielya are an abnormal pair. Though both are completely loyal to Lloth, their loyalty to each other is almost as absolute, where typically they would have become mortal enemies to climb to supremacy.

The firstson/patron Naldraen Venlyral is a prodigy shadow pact warlock of immense power and ability. Once thought to be an arcanist of mild power and little ambition he stole onto the scene of power in X’henvir and slew both of his elder brothers in self defense. It is said that to try and harm him releases deadly shadows into the air that harm those that attack him. Not even the snake headed whips of priestesses can harm him. It is likely that only Yevlanna and Vielya stepping in is the only reason the Ruling Council did not band together to destroy him.

With Yevlanna now in charge of the house, their strong alliance with House Daervhaal has been dissolved.

13 – Argith

14 – Naerth

15th House – Daervhaal – Player Characters’ House

16 – Evlaren

17 – Veladorn

18 – Vhaerduun Family has been defeated

18 – Quavein

19 – T’orgh

20 – Brendlyn

Noble Families of X'henvir

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