X'henvir - The City of Dreams

Deianaera's Journal (14)

Out of the Deeper Darkness and into the Blaspheming Frying Pan?

We mustered with our units at the Council Entrance, we were stationed inside a stalagmite, with a clear view down in front of the gate. The leader of the army showed herself (yes her) with her bodyguard and they were quite shadowy… and reinforced with the fact that she introduced herself as the Chosen of Shar. A warlock from House Lanlaer handled the initial parley, and eventually the Matron of House Maladryn arrived to conduct the rest of it. Their army waited outside our gates, out of view, but the Chosen of Shar and her bodyguard were allowed inside to conduct diplomatic… stuff. She also mentioned something about meeting the Chosen of Lolth… I’m not sure if we should be worried about Phaere or not.

With the immediate threat subsided, but not dissipated, we returned to our house only to be summoned by our own Matron Mother to account for our conduct earlier with Shelria of House Evlaren. Suffice to say Mother was not pleased, but then again, we were not too pleased with Mother in keeping us in the dark. Poor Sephir just had to say things that she shouldn’t have and paid the price in blood. Mother did not want us in the city with the new visitor. I think she wanted to keep us secret a bit longer, and if we could “smell” the taint of shadow, then so could others imbued with shadow. Mother did emphatically kick us out.

We discussed some other things amongst ourselves after, including the interesting tidbit that Sephir dropped on us regarding other priests in the city besides the usual suspects… So along with Eilistraee and Vhaeraun we also had Talos and Tempus. With Shar’s chosen entering the city, and Orcus down the hall, and of course the rumour of the font of shadow beneath the Grand Temple… The city being a primed powder keg was now clearly an understatement. Veleethri made her appearance as a what could only be described as a wandering hobo, I suppose even avatars of shadow could attempt humour.

Veleethri said we would be seeing many sights along the way to the Duergar monastery that apparently housed the star gem Xarn wanted us to obtain for him. One of those sights was the Font, a mystical temple of sorts to all the gods in the universe. One would think that would be a constant war zone, but Veleethri says the temple is under some sort of protection from unknown beings and that starting a conflict would essentially end one’s life. Veleethri was also entertaining Crayz rather insane idea of enslaving the orcus kobolds we encountered – I refused to ask why. A surface raid was also added to the agenda as was creating a pocket dimension of shadow by first appropriating it from a shadow wizard. Intriguing to say the least.

We arrived at the font, escorted to individual private rooms and given non-descript robes and masks to hide our appearance to allow us to traverse the font essentially undetected. This would be an interesting visit I think…



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