X'henvir - The City of Dreams

Deianaera's Journal (17)

Lost and Found

After agreeing to touch the key to the Shadow Keep, we were settling down and discussing what we were to do when a familiar face decided to show itself at our new home. How he found it, how he knew we were there… I am starting to think that my sister is correct in that he just needs to die. Preferably in a horrible and painful manner. His roguish charms and good looks only go so far to hide his contemptible attitude, and I am now certain he is a subject of Vhaeraun. This means that all his motives are questionable in the eyes of our Goddess.

Tarlyn came to offer us more information and knowledge and other wonderful and amazing things all for the price of owing him yet another favour. I turned him down and sent him on his merry way to annoy some other drow. I called in a favour… and got us transportation to the prime material plane. Hopefully my siblings do not think less of me for my… associations. As an added bonus, we were put in contact with Shessa the librarian, a somewhat curator of knowledge. She agreed to let us use her library and even so much as to help us research on not only how to get to the Duergar monastery and see about digging up some more information on the star sapphire the size of a titan’s head – which has some link to Drow past in that it may have belonged to an ancestor prior to our schism with the surface.

Shessa could be a valuable ally in the coming days, especially since we are cut off from the House for the time being. We did manage to permanently rent/lease accommodations in a boarding house in the high bazaar where we anchored a tether. We parted company at this point to conduct our own business before gathering again to head off towards the kobolds that Crayz so desperately wanted.

We arrived at the kobold tribe and when discussions yielded nothing, we agreed to an arena battle with the chieftains honour guard… of which some freaky bird demon was a part of… thanks Crayz… thanks a lot.



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