X'henvir - The City of Dreams

Deianaera's Journal (15)

Surface Playtime

Our time at the Font was… illuminating. I will not go further into that. We were invited to dinner by the Font’s priestess of Shar. She went to great lengths to cover things and explain things. I recall one of my instructors at Lolth’s academy, answering one of my questions about the types of power and repercussions of using them. She gave me some drivel about the source of the power is not important, but rather how you use the power. There might be some merit to that in a less than divine power, but when dealing with deific powers… you cannot help but become tainted by them. Our shadow powers are just that, tainted and powerful- but the more we use them, the more attuned we will become to the plane of shadow and it’s ruler: Shar.

We moved on after this, to raid another wild elf settlement on the surface. I argued against it, as it serves no purpose. We should be moving towards the gem to get Xarn out of our hair. Regardless, we went. We killed all by one of the heirs to the Wild Elf Kingdom, leaving the king with and even greater hatred of us. Not that I care, but it will make life more difficult should we decide to do any lengthy work on the surface.



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