X'henvir - The City of Dreams

Deianaera's Journal (16)

The Keep of Shadows

After our raid on the surface, we decided that we would attempt to claim the keep that Veleethri said was ours. As she opened a portal to our destination, it turned into a vortex, sucking in my siblings, but somehow I was able to resist. Veleethri was rather shocked and it was evident that she did not intend this to happen. With a choice left open to me to join my brothers and sisters or not, I chose the most un-drow choice and leapt in after them.

We arrived some place on the surface, outdoors and in some sort of audience chamber. The… things introduced themselves as avatars of various deities and they explained to us that we were to be judged. Lovely, just what ever drow wishes, other gods judging them. This audience was apparently for our transgressions against Sylvanus and his arcane font that we… consecrated to Lolth. The “trial” was a sham, as they guided us through it, only to judge Veleethri, their intended target all along. We were let go with a pat on the head.

We appeared where we once were in the Underdark, but Veleethri was conspicuously absent… in her place was some other being of shadow that was to send us to our destination… Veleethri was in hiding from the other avatars it seems. We travelled to the Shadow Keep and did battle with shadows… only that we could feel these shadows and eventually control them as they were part of our birthright. This obviously incensed the current owner, where he made his own appearance, a lich… After nearly killing Pal’Entyr with a fireball (it merely scratched me) we dispatched the lich and claimed the keep for our own… after a bit of hesitation from me.



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