X'henvir - The City of Dreams

Deianaera's Journal (18)

The Star Sapphire

We finally made our way to the location of the star sapphire that Xarn wanted so badly. Unfortunately, someone… and a large force managed to get there before us. We were surrounded and essentially forced to surrender peacefully. Those some-ones, frost elves believe it or not, decided not to do us harm and allowed us to witness what they had come to do. These frost elves used the star sapphire and their gods power to summon Xarn forth and… destroy him. At least it seemed like he was destroyed, but I’m not sure you can destroy an archon of a god. The frost elves took the star sapphire with them when they left, seeing as we did not need it any more to pay off our debt – our debt being cancelled due to the destruction of the debtor? We did manage to talk the frost elves into a secretive trade pact that would be used to jump start our new merchant outpost at the kobold den…

Once left to our own devices again, we searched the area and found a long lost secret treasure room. That it remained secret for so long after so many have picked through the ruins of the monastery, lead us to believe that it would be an excellent location for a shadow tether. Our work finally complete, we decided to head home.

Once home, we reported to our Mother. She was less that happy with the recounting of the tale. We kept the frost elves knowledge to ourselves and let innuendo lead our confessions. Sephir was sentenced to an inquisitorial torture session and I was also sent there as well. Unfortunately – or fortunately, the High Inquisitor did not share my mother’s desire for punishment, and in fact I was promoted to lieutenant and assigned a retinue of five inquisitors to seek out and destroy the enemies of Lolth. Sephir was… tortured. I’m not sure what would be worse for her, the torture of the knowledge that I was promoted to a position of power within the Inquisition.



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