K'henvir Location

K’henvir sits in the Middledark and lays along the El’shrak River that flows generally north south leading toward The Reachmere.

The closest major surface settlement is Harrowdale, though Scardale is not that much farther. Drawing a straight line between Harrowdale and Scardale K’henvir sits some fifty miles from the line under Cormanthor Forest.

The Middledark city of Sschindylryn lays to the southeast approximately 300 miles and the fallen Middledark city of Maerimydra is approximately 150 miles to the northwest.

This location is ideal for active trading with both the surface and other underdark cities. However, it also puts it in position for an easy attack by any of these current trading partners.

The following link shows a map of the region: http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/File:Deep_Wastes.jpg

K'henvir Location

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